News from Inspection Geni

Inspection Geni 4.0 Release for the Design Community

New Inspection Geni 4.0 features add surface and datum dimensions; new Tolerance Types, support for Fit Fields, and more Hertzlia, Israel – April 18, 2013 – Albitech today introduced the availability of the new Inspection Geni 4.0, the latest generation of its category-defining SolidWorks® add-on that enables designers and engineers to automatically expedite inspection and approval processes, slashing costs and boosting time to market. “Built to work on SolidWorks’ rock-solid foundation, Inspection Geni 4.0 is engineered to

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Geni 3.2 Breaks New Ground for the Design Community

New Inspection Geni 3.2 features Balloon Properties,Custom Template Naming, Enhanced Project Search options, and more Hertzlia, Israel June 17, 2012 — Albitech today introduced the new Inspection Geni 3.2, the latest generation of its category defining SolidWorks add-on, featuring support of

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Inspection Geni Boosts Production levels at Leeboy-India

Inspection Geni purchased by Bangalore-based earthmoving construction vehicle manufacturer Hertzlia, Israel February 13, 2012 — Leeboy-India has confirmed the purchase of the SolidWorks add-on, Inspection Geni 3.1, for use within its design and QA departments. Poised to introduce new products and

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