Balloon-IT Product Description

Balloon-IT, the shareware version of Inspection Geni

We developed the inspection Geni Balloon-IT shareware tool as a contribution to the SolidWorks Community.
This tool will help you load a drawing and automatically Balloon-IT. Inspection Geni will balloon all dimensions of a given drawing with one click, producing a copy of a SolidWorks drawing with balloons included.

The ballooned drawing will allow you to follow the design of a part throughout the production process – from Engineering to Production, from Programming to the Inspection Department.

Think about life without Balloons

Interdepartmental communication is not always possible in a large manufacturing firm and time is often wasted simply trying to understand the needs of everyone in the production chain. With Balloon-IT, engineers will be able to get the identical inspection report from different producers based on the ballooned drawing provided by the designer.

Inspection Geni has more functionality!

Read more about the enhanced version. If you like Balloon-IT and you you want to upgrade to the next level of saving; winning and enhanced communications, you can try-it for 4 weeks free of charge or purchase-it at a winning price.

Balloon-IT Demo

Inspection Geni Demo