in Inspectiongeni for pdf, you open a drawing and the software will do all the process automatically. 

InspectionGeni builds a tree indicating all the dimensions in the drawing. The dimensions are sorted according to sheet, view, and surrounding views in CCW or CW direction assisting the user to locate the dimensions in the inspection report. The dimensions in the tree are associated with the dimensions on the drawings. so when you will move to a dimension on the tree, the dimensions on the drawing are highlighted, and vice versa.

Every dimension has a dialog in the property manager and you can enter the information you need to add, for example, map location, tolerance and measuring tools.

In the Information area, you can add before counting dimensions, you can set attributes that will help you to filter the dimension for the in-process reports. 

InspectionGeni will generate the id of the dimension in CCW or CW direction starting in 0 degrees  ( 3 in the clock ). the sorting of the views are from top-down and from left to right according to the location for the view center. 

InspectionGeni will generate an inspection report. You can print PDF format or MS Word. The word format is based on a temple so it is very friendly and easy to change it.

IInspectionGeni can generate different balloons stile with different shapes text colors or background colors.   

When the process is finished you can save to a new pdf file with the balloon Id’s. you can also print directly to a printer with high quality 

With very smart filters we can provide a report for threads’  accurate holes in seconds.

Inspection Geni allows users to set global tolerances. You can set dimension tolerance and family name, then assign the type of the tolerance related to the number of decimal points or range. Any change in this tolerance will immediately effect on the tolerance you see in the dimension info dialogue and in all the printout documents.

InspectionGeni has a powerful tool the create QC excel templet. you just have to do the heder and format and style with one empty line as an example for the parameters needed. in a very short time, you can do new report stile.

That’s it! You are done! You did-it with InspectionGeni for PDF.