Inspection Geni Highlights

PDF standalone version

InspectionGeni for PDF is a software to analyze the drawing and set dimension ID to the present dimension number. Generate reports: FAI reports, in-process reports, by using smart filters, and everything is done automatically.

InspectionGeni for PDF the process is automatic. the user has very powerful control over the complete process. He can select the way the id’s are sorted, he can edit the id’s he can add before counting dimensions, (influence of coating ). also define very smart filers that help to analyze the drawing.

Seamless Window Integrated Add-in for SolidWorks

With the single-window integration of Inspection Geni for SolidWorks, all the User Interfaces have the same look and feel as in SolidWorks. InspectionGeni uses the COM technology to compliantly connect to the SolidWorks database to get all the necessary dimension information.

Users of SolidWorks will work with the menus and dialogues of Inspection Geni as it is a part of the SolidWorks functionality – users will will be able to easily understand and learn how to use the system.

Help files and additional materials meet SolidWorks standards and may be found in the SolidWorks help menu.

Automatic Design Change Tracking and Save to History Database

SolidWorks add-on, SolidWorks-IG, provides dimension-driven design change tracking.

SolidWorks-IG’s “Dimension Changes History Tree” feature provides designers and engineers with information on all dimensions that have been modified throughout the design process.

SolidWorks is well-known for its associativity – any changes made to the Solid Model will automatically reflect in the assembly and related drawings. When you need to update the production drawing you have to find and mark all the dimensions that were changed, and to add missing dimensions, to get a fully-dimensioned drawing. Inspection Geni will show an interactive dimension tree – all the dimensions that were changed – with the information history of the changes in each of the previous and actual versions.

Track Changes reports in Excel-format for use with PDM systems

After tracking the changes, InspectionGeni saves them in an interactive database. InspectionGeni can generate reports of all the changes in Microsoft Excel format.
This Excel file can be stored in the Product Data management (PDM) system or read automatically via an interface to the PDM system.

Inspection Sheet is automatically generated

InspectionGeni can automatically generate Inspection sheets in different formats. Inspection Geni has built-in support for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and also Adobe PDF; any of which may be selected by the user. InspectionGeni can generate different inspection reports from the original drawing, maintaining the Dimension IDs. Examples include FAI and Production Inspection reports. This means designers can provide objective evidence to engineers and Quality Control managers that all design characteristics are verified and recorded as accurate.

Balloon Drawings are automatically generated

InspectionGeni can generate different ballooned drawings. InspectionGeni can create production drawings with selected dimensions. With the balloon ID, the balloon number will be based on the same scanned database.
This means, for example, we can add 10 dimensions for measuring to the template – 10, 24, 34, 123, 55, etc., and only these numbers will be shown on the SolidWorks production drawing with their related dimensions. The rest of the dimensions are shown without Dimension IDs making it easy to locate only the dimensions that have to be measured.

Creating a Common Language with Inspection Geni

InspectionGeni helps designers to understand and talk in the same language as manufacturers and Quality Control managers. Balloons were made manually on manufacturing drawings and blueprints during the inspection process. But engineers from other departments cannot discuss any problems they may find with the designers as they do not have the same balloons on the drawing.
Today, InspectionGeni changes the way designers operate allowing them to generate a ballooned drawing in seconds then emailing it, together with the Inspection Sheets, for review by other departments.

Excel and word templates for Inspection Sheet

With InspectionGeni  you can generate inspection sheets in Microsoft® Word and Excel® formats immediately. Your inspection sheets can be viewed by Engineers and Quality Control managers, anywhere, anytime.

Users can to convert any existing inspection sheet into an Inspection Geni-template for printing.

PDF templates for Inspection Sheet and balloon drawings

With InspectionGeni you can generate Inspection Sheets into two ready-made InspectionGeni PDF formats. Your inspection sheets can be viewed by Engineers and Quality Control managers, anywhere, anytime.

SolidWorks designers can also generate a balloon drawing directly into a PDF format.

Inspection Geni is extremely easy-to-use and simple to learn

InspectionGeni has a standard user-friendly SolidWorks interface, allowing designers to quickly and easily use the product in no time.

This system comes with a comprehensive help file built to meet SolidWorks guidelines. Users may also access our on-line tutorials at this link.

Speedup ROI with Inspection Geni

Inspection Geni for SolidWorks and for PDF will help you achieve an ROI within days as you quickly take advantage of these features:

Every dimension has a dialog in the property manager and you can enter the information you need to add, for example, map location, tolerance and measuring tools.

Inspection Geni Animation