Albitech Demos Dimension-Driven Design Change Tracking with Inspection Geni

Inspection Geni on show at Technologies’ SolidWorks LiveEvents seminar – 2012 in Channai, India

Hertzlia, Israel September 22, 2011 —SolidWorks® CAD Gold Partner Inspection Geni (IG) to exhibit at the SIM Technologies’ SolidWorks LiveEvents seminar in Channai, India.

“We are demonstrating how Inspection Geni 3.1 benefits designers using SolidWorks. This includes the ability to customize company-specific property settings, as well as the detailed history reports that may be generated, allowing users to track changes made to all dimensions and view custom properties,” said Sridhar M C, from MCS Techno Solutions.

In line with the new SolidWorks 2012 version, Inspection Geni 3.1 offers a host of new features, including:

  • Automated functions such as Ballooning Dimension IDs & Track Changes History
  • Enhanced Performance and Quality improvements for a more continuous workflow
  • Fundamental changes to your product development process
  • Extensive support for project collaboration and team connectivity

The unique selling point of Inspection Geni 3.1 – due for release worldwide in Q4 this year – is the new dimension-driven design change tracking feature which empowers designers by automatically recording a history of the changes made to any drawing once it has left his desktop. Today, using IG 3.1’s dimension ID’s and history module, designers are now able to promptly and accurately respond to any changes or inquiries.

Speaking from India, Sridhar M C said Inspection Geni 3.1.0 is SolidWorks software taken to a new dimension. “It offers customization of company specific property settings, and generates detailed history reports that benefits SolidWorks designers in India by allowing them to track the changes made to all dimensions and custom properties,” he concluded.