Albitech Ltd. & Advanced Technology Enterprise introduce Inspection Geni to Singapore Manufacturing Sector

Singapore-based reseller, Advanced Technology Enterprise last month highlighted the latest Gold Certified Solution partner program to SolidWorks users – Inspection Geni – at a series of productivity workshops

Hertzlia, Israel, July 15, 2011 —SolidWorks® CAD Gold Partner, Albitech Ltd, the developer of the SolidWorks Gold Certified Solution partner program, Inspection Geni (IG), recently completed a first of a series of productivity workshops hosted by its Singapore VAR, Advanced Technology Enterprise (ATE).

Managed by ATE, the workshops presented the latest SolidWorks approved document design inspection solution to firms in the Asian Defense, Marine, Oil & Gas, Automation & Machinery and Electronics sectors, among others.

“The objective of the workshops was to demonstrate IG’s ability to verify and document all Dimensional IDs, providing SolidWorks-certified designers with the ability to create Interactive Dimension trees, balloon drawings and First Article Inspection sheet reports within the application itself,” said Doron Sashkis, CEO of Albitech.

“Quality control is vital to the success of any manufacturing project, and our customers will reap the benefits of being able to run a SolidWorks add-on like IG,” said Sng Eng Sim, General Manager, ATE.

“This solution allows manufacturers that use SolidWorks to speed up their inspection processes; while working with multiple versions and multiple drawings without any limits on the ability to track changes –a significant pain area,” added Sashkis.

According to Sashkis, IG addresses both of these industry pain points by automating what is a typically manual inspection process. “IG automatically balloons SolidWorks drawings and generates inspection reports in Excel or PDF formats, providing designers and product managers with a single uniform platform to deal with inspection reports.

“Creating interactive chronology-based dimension trees, and offering complete dimension change tracking reports for companies that do not have expensive PDM systems, is a significant benefit,” he said.