Inspection Geni on show at SolidWorks Mechanical & Industrial Designers Meeting in Israel

Inspection Geni live demonstrations and case studies showcased at the Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv, October 3, 2011

Hertzlia, Israel October 3, 2011 —SolidWorks® CAD Gold Partner Inspection Geni (IG) is exhibiting at t 16th Annual SolidWorks Mechanical & Industrial Designers Meeting at the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv, today.

The meeting showcases SolidWorks solutions that are essential to the planning process, allowing designers to enjoy a complete process under a single product family umbrella, enabling them to manage and share information, perform simulations of the external environment, and generate FAI and Inspection Reports within the CAD environment.

”We will demonstrate how the latest version of Inspection Geni – 3.1- can benefit designers who work with SolidWorks,” said Doron Sashkis, CEO, Albitech, the developer of Inspection Geni.

“This includes the ability to generate and view detailed history reports that will enable designers to track all the changes that have been made on a model, revealing the dimensions that have been altered as well as custom properties.

“In the past this wasn’t possible as the process became a manual one once it left the designer’s desktop. So should an error take place or a misunderstanding occur regarding a particular dimension, the designer would not be able to easily identify the problem,” he explained. “Typical drawings can have hundreds, or thousands of dimensions, and without a dimensional ID the designer will struggle to locate the problem and then correct it.”

Today, using IG 3.1’s dimension ID’s and history module, designers are now able to promptly and accurately respond to any changes or inquiries.

According to Sashkis, the changes are in line with the latest version of SolidWorks. New features include:

  • Automated functions such as Ballooning Dimension IDs & Track Changes History
  • Enhanced Performance and Quality improvements for a more continuous workflow
  • Fundamental changes to your product development process
  • Extensive support for project collaboration and team connectivity