Inspection Geni 4.0 Release for the Design Community

New Inspection Geni 4.0 features add surface and datum dimensions; new Tolerance Types, support for Fit Fields, and more Hertzlia, Israel – April 18, 2013 – Albitech today introduced the availability of the new Inspection Geni 4.0, the latest generation of its category-defining SolidWorks® add-on that enables designers and engineers to automatically expedite inspection and approval processes, slashing costs and boosting time to market. “Built to work on SolidWorks’ rock-solid foundation, Inspection Geni 4.0 is engineered to deliver the most intuitive and integrated design experience,” said Doron Sashkis, CEO Albitech. The powerful new version of Inspection Geni has been specifically designed by Albitech to deliver a fast, responsive user experience while offering a number of highly customizable features providing a superb balance between performance and options so users can enjoy all the benefits of SolidWorks – taken to a new dimension. Design, IG-style Making design simple… Continue reading Inspection Geni 4.0 Release for the Design Community